Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is Anwar really guilty?

Written by Iskandar Dzulkarnain, Malaysia Chronicle

It seems that the Anwar Sodomy Saga never goes away.
Dr Mahathir in his latest book has made some serious accusations against him. If Anwar happens to be found innocent, will Anwar seek to ban his book?

SO is Anwar really a homosexual, or more appropriate a bisexual? Judging from the heydays, Anwar has always had a controversial life. As a fiery Youth student leader, he has led many protests and demonstrations against the government, as well as at nongovernmental establishments. Together with Ibrahim Ali who thinks the world of him, and refused to leave his side during his incarceration under the ISA, they have made a name for themselves.

In his book: 4 women reportedly testified against him, for trying to solicit sex. 2 women had refused while 2 women consented to have sex with him. Somehow, the identities of these women were never divulged, so there is no concrete evidence other than what was penned by Dr M.

Ummi Hafilda came into the picture openly accusing him. However The Public turned against her in anger, ostracized and disowned by her parents, Ummi still bears the reputation and stigma of ‘perempuan sundal’ (loose woman) I think she should get it tightened! She still maintains good relations with the former PM.

The book also said: during the Supreme Umno Tribune internal inquiry, accusations of Sodomy levelled against Anwar was not denied, and Anwar continued to keep a silence on that issue.

While behind bars, the infamous Black Eye incident by IGP Rahim was seen as Harm to the nation. His picture published worldwide, added sympathy to Annuar’s cause.

In 1998 he was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister, on the charge of Sodomy and Corruption. Jailed for 6 years, and released after Dr Mahathir resigned and the Sodomy charge dropped. In his book, Dr Mahathir acknowledged some of his past mistakes, but he affirmed that the sacking of Anwar wasn’t a mistake.

After leading the charge to deny BN a 2/3rds majority, Anwar was again charged later for Sodomy, based on the loose testimony of one Saiful Bukhari, The ongoing trial littered with inconsistencies, and flimsy evidence has been touted in the world media as a sham trial.

Today, even as he stands accused of corruption and sodomy, Anwar is still seen as a national hero. I am sure, that when the time comes, no one will have any qualms for Anwar Ibrahim to become the New Premier.

Everyone attests to his oratorical skills and the grace he conducts himself in public. He comes across as an intelligent and admirable person. Unlike other politicians, he emanates charisma and confidence.

The thought on peoples mind are, whether he will he make a good prime minister, despite his questionable reputation. Even with all the bad press, there is hardly a murmur from the public, and people’s respect for him is still at an all time high.

At an Umno general assembly, the controversial book: “50 Dalil of why Anwar should not become Prime Minister” was circulated and Ibrahim Ali was among the first of Umno supreme council leaders to support Mahathir in the allegation that Anwar was homosexual. Although a copy was sent by someone to Dr M, the Doctor said that he has not read the book.

But till today, it seems his association with Ibrahim is still very close and it looks like Dr M’s vendetta against Anwar will continue to his last days.

Oddly, not much of the misdeeds on BN has been written, even though at one time he complained of corruption in Umno under Badawi’s administration. In his book, he did not see it fit to bring up the misdeeds of UMNO and BN, although as former PM he is an authority on it. Is this not selective persecution?

And should the unforeseen happens, that Anwar is found innocent, Pakatan Rakyat manages to take over, and Anwar becomes Premier, it will be a nightmare for both Dr M and Ibrahim Ali.

Although I think Dr M's book will be an interesting read, someone has commented he’d rather contribute the RM100 as donation to the needy and handicapped.