Saturday, March 29, 2014

Diego Garcia mungkin ada MH370 ORIGINAL?

by Inang

This DISTRESS message might be possible – how can the world check Diego GarCIA?!
I suspect the missing MH370 was to be used by the ZIONIST/Mossad-led Satanic-Illuminati Round-Table collaborators from CIA-MI6-NATO in a false-flag event, to start a nuclear-WW3 on Iran, which was the original plan – but backfired when brilliant Alternative Medias start exposing Diego Garcia and rubbishing the ‘Iranian/Muslim hijackers’ conspiracy!

Now, suspectedly, these Illuminati conspirators are in a panic mode – and quickly dumped the remains of MH370 in the Indian Ocean. Especially after Pentagon came out with a definite claim around after a week of the incident that the plane has crashed over the Indian Ocean. But I suspect those top Chinese Scientists from Freescale and this lone IBM Scientist on MH370, are still held as captives in Diego Garcia, to develop some kind of super technology for future warfare with Russia and China!

See how the joint US-British Diego GarCIA only airport has CANCELLED all flights for 3 days from the time MH370 was missing (now although there’re also around 2,000 contract civilian workers there, their background and movement are strictly checked and restricted, including no individual ownership of motored vehicles – at,P4_INST_TYPE:930%2CINSTALLATION)!
See /global-unrest/2014/03/flight-mh370-mystery-diego-garcia-suspended-all-flights-on-march-8th-for-72-hrs-2458394.html:
Flight MH370 Mystery. Diego Garcia Suspended All Flights On March 8th for 72 hrs.
March 19, 2014
(Before It’s News)
By now, it should be obvious to people they are hiding something in Diego Garcia. The latest info just piles on top of a mountain of evidence that flight 370 is in a hangar in Diego Garcia.
….Notice they have completely erased all posts between March 6th, and March 9th. There is some very weird stuff going on down in creepy Diego Garcia, a place where the US operates completely independant of the constitution…… The fact that no flight were scheduled for 3 days during the time MH370 went missing, all maintenance crew most likely were off on leave. Great time to sneak in an aircraft. (Read further…..)

And why did the CIA-Australian jointly operated Satellite base, NOT detect MH370 flying over the Indian Ocean right from the beginning, despite that the Pentagon was confident enough to claim that the plane has crashed into the Indian Ocean – see, Could vital info be Down Under?, By HARIS HUSSAIN AND FARRAH NAZ KARIM, 19 March 2014 .

And what happen to the presumably super-technology Satellite system at Diego Garcia itself?! See
British Indian Ocean Territory
Due to its geographic location in proximity to the equator with unobstructed views to the horizon, Diego Garcia has access to a relatively large number of geosynchronous satellites over the Indian and eastern Atlantic Oceans, and the island is home to Diego Garcia Station (DGS), a remote tracking station making up part of the Air Force Satellite Control Network…..